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DJ Zinc has a 'Full House'

New EP boasts a killer line-up of collaborators

2017 Jul 19     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP features MJ Cole, My Nu Leng, Jack Beats, Chris Lorenzo and more

Out on Bingo Beats on 25 August, DJ Zinc's next release will be the Full House EP, with the EP title deriving from the fact that he invited a few friends into the studio to help him with this one.

And when we say "a few friends"... well, just look at the line-up! The Anvil, which you can hear below, sees Zinc teaming up with Jack Beats. Holy Goof collaborate on Push It, while Chris Lorenzo features on Gammy Elbow. Zinc hooks up with MJ Cole for Interbass, while his guest on Soup Dragon is Shift K3y. The EP then closes with My Nu Leng team-up Crawler.

Zinc says off the project: "I had a lot of fun making this EP, with some of my favourite producers. Every one of the collabs is with someone whose music I play, so I knew the results would be club-ready bangers. From the musical bliss of MJ Cole to the lunatic bass of Lorenzo, the studio science of Shift K3y to the intricate workings of Jack Beats, the fresh angles from Holy Goof to the tidal wave of My Nu Leng... every track was a pleasure to make."

Anvil is out as a single now, with one track from the EP to follow each week until the whole thing becomes available on 25 August.






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