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Denon DJ range upgraded

Two new media players and a new mixer

2020 Jan 09     
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Denon's flagship DJ line-up has been given an overhaul

Denon DJ has refreshed its current top-of-the-line offering with the launch of two new media players, the SC6000 and SC6000M, as well as a new mixer, the X1850.

The SC6000 and SC6000M are essentially upgraded versions of the existing Prime/5000M players, and share many of the same features, such as the dual-layer performance capabilities, 8.5-inch jogwheel with central LCD screen, SATA drive slot and eight performance pads. The primary enhancements are, firstly, an improved 10.1-inch touchscreen; and secondly, the addition of Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity so that you can mix with tracks streamed, initially, from Tidal. Support for Beatport, Beatsource and Soundcloud streaming is expected to be added in a firmware upgrade at a later date, as is full Serato integration.

The turntablist-friendly SC6000M adds a die-cast aluminum 8.5” motorised platter with ‘quick-release’ vinyl and torque adjustment, and will retail for $1,699, compared to the SC6000's $1,499. UK and European pricing has yet to be announced.

Similarly, the X1850 is an upgraded version of the existing four-channel X1800 Prime mixer, now with various minor tweaks including the addition of a MIDI Out port and improvements to the display and FX section. It'll retail for $1,099.

All three products are expected to go on sale in the spring. For more information, check out the videos below or see Denon DJ's own website.






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