2018 Mar 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The young Scottish producer comes to Sander Van Doorn's Doorn Records label

This fine EP from Calvin Logue unleashes bags of hypnotic, tribal technoid energy over two tracks that lock you in the groove from start to finish.

First up is the title track Warrior, which is pretty minimalist in construction (though by no means 'minimal' in the sub-genre sense!). It starts with a kick, a closed hi-hat, and what sounds like computer-generated bird song but very swiftly turns into the opening salvo of an epic synth riff that becomes the track's main hook. There's another stabbing synth riff and a simple bassline, which added to the tribal drums makes for a great sound, and one that will slay 'em when heard over a soundsystem that's big and loud enough to do it justice.

Then you have Afterhours, which starts with what sounds like a kettle drum, a closed hi-hat and some synth tones. These elements are soon added to by a shaker, a great big whoosh of sound and a simple synth line that's accentuated with sonar like bleeps. Again, it's stripped down to the base elements with great attention to detail, played on by the juxtaposition of two different synth riffs that vie for your attention.

This EP is for the people that like to really lose themselves in the music out on the floor. I don't have a favourite, but I do think that both are well worth seeking out.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 18 March



Review Score: 8




Tags: Calvin Logue, Doorn Records, Sander Van Doorn, techno, Spinnin' Records