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BMotion's Top 3 Viper tracks

Viper Recordings' 'Drum & Bass Annual 2016' is out now

2016 Jan 22     
2 Bit Thugs

To celebrate that fact, label stalwart BMotion picks his all-time Top 3 Viper Recordings tracks

Born in Pontypool, Wales and raised on jazz, soul and funk by his pianist father, Ben Williams was already playing drums and guitar by the time his voice broke, and began producing drum & bass as Bmotion at the tail end of the 00s. Early releases came on Rush Records and Soulvent Records, before he made his Viper Recordings debut with Feelings in 2014.

Here, he picks his all-time Top 3 Viper Recordings releases, just for iDJ readers.

Brookes Brothers - Anthem

"I love pretty much every track these guys make, but this one has stuck in my head from the first listen. I love the simplicity of the intro, and then the horn riff that comes in is just a killer! And of course a great vocal, as is the case in all Brookes Brothers tracks. I think these guys are great songwriters, and I think their style of D&B is due a comeback after all the in-your-face shoe-throwing that happened in 2015!"

InsideInfo - Mushroom 

"This track doesn't leave my sets, and smashes it every time I play it. I don't know how Paul does it, but he's got a knack for getting really strange sounds to cut through big-time in the mix. I remember hearing this track in Futurebound's car for the first time, and I kept hassling people until I got a copy of it! I look forward to all of Paul's releases, and like I said I particularly like his talent with manipulating weird stuff."

Cyantific - No More Heroes

"Another one that doesn't leave my set - it's a total head-smasher! Cyantific just keeps coming out with banger after banger. I don't know if he's going to stop one day or if he's some sort of machine, but he needs to give everyone else a chance! What I like most about his productions are the little things in the background, the things that hardly anyone probably ever hears, but that make the difference between an average track and something truly special. And you can't beat all the 80s sounds!"

Viper presents Drum & Bass Annual 2016 is out now on Viper Recordings. You can hear the album's exclusive tracks below.





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