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Black Opps

"Uranian Billy/Divine Intervention"

Label: Plush Recordings

2016 Apr 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Brazilian producer Black Opps proves it IS possible to be moody and groovy at the same time!

Denver's Plush Recordings have long been among this writer's favourite D&B labels: they don't put out a huge amount of stuff, but when they do it's almost always on-point. This AA-side from Brazil's Black Opps (AKA Ricardo Raschilla, and not be confused with UK grime pioneers Black Ops), though, is a bit special even by Plush's high standards.

On the A, Uranian Billy packs a steppy kick like that of the proverbial mule, marrying it with dark, rumbling sub-bass, space disco synth stabs and sampled, stream-of-consciousness speech from one Hunter S Thompson. But dark and menacing D&B tracks are ten-a-penny: what makes Uranian Billy stand out is that it's simultaneously funky as hell, and eminently danceable. Over on the AA, meanwhile, Divine Perspective operates in similar territory but with its own spoken vocals ("we cannot help being fascinated with these visitors from outer space") more sparingly applied, and with the addition of some squalling rock-God geetar.

A truly outstanding effort, with Uranian Billy just nudging it.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 18 April




Review Score: 9




Tags: D&B, DnB, D+B, drum & bass, drum n' bass, Plush Recordings, Black Opps