2018 Dec 07     
2 Bit Thugs

It's been a great year for Billy Turner, and he rounds it off with a release on Anja Schneider's label

Barely into his 20s, Billy Turner has already achieved more in dance music than many do in a lifetime, with slots at fabric, Stealth and Digital, and radio sets for the BBC. He now releases Approaching Land, a four-track EP on Anja Schneider’s Sous Music label.

First up is Approaching Land itself, which is an ambient track that's just over two minutes in length - effectively, it serves as a sort of intro for the other three tracks. Singular, which follows, starts with a tribal drum beat, then adds 303 stabs. It's very minimal, and the type of track that works in the early hours when the DJ has the floor packed and pumping. It's a lesson in "less is more", and works a treat in the right circumstances. 

The third track is called Thinsulate, and again has a strong tribal drum beat intro. From there, it slowly builds with layers of percussion and synth noises into a real groover, with slightly unnerving pads and small eruptions of sound that give it an eerie, edgy feel. But the final track, Fingers Crossed, is by far the fattest-sounding of the whole EP. It starts with a booming kick and a synth sound that lead the track on its way as a backdrop of panned claps, pads, rhythmic percussion and subtle acid slowly develops. There's also another lead sound which fits perfectly with the first one.

This is a brave release, and one (I suspect) from the heart: defying convention, it dares to lead with what's essentially an interlude, and saves the best till last. So if you like your techno on a tribal, minimal tip, check this one out for sure.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 7 December



Review Score: 7




Tags: Billy Turner, Sous Music, Anja Schneider, techno, tribal, minimal, ambient